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A chamber of commerce is a voluntary partnership of businesses and professionals working together to build a healthy economy and improve the quality of life in a community. As a chamber works to accomplish these goals, it must champion many different functions: economic developer and planner, tourist information center, business spokesperson, economic counselor and teacher, government relations specialist, human resources adviser, and public relations practitioner.

Chamber members are businesses, organizations, and individuals concerned with the socioeconomic climate of a community. These groups have joined together because they stand a better chance of getting things done when speaking with a collective voice. Chamber members can include the small hardware store on the corner, the mom-and-pop diner, the established bank downtown, franchise and major retailers, and the local baseball team. There are no limits or restrictions on the number or kind of members that choose to get involved in a chamber of commerce.

The USGTCC offers a variety of programs, seminars, workshops, and one-on-one technical assistance to help you develop the skills you need to excel in business.

USGTCC has its doors open so that any individual or business can be part of our membership, our main interest is to promote the development of business in the area.

Member-to-Member “M2M” Discounts are offered by Chamber Members to the staff and ownership of Chamber Member businesses and can include a wide range of products and services. Is your business a Member? Look up your business in our Directory.

Direction & Expansion is part of the membership benefits

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